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The registration for the original Ingomar Scout Troop, formed in 1916 and then called Ingomar #1, was apparently completed on January 31, 1918.

The original Scoutmaster seems to have been J. D. Tummons. Assistant Scoutmaster was Henry Giles. The year ended with 31 scouts enrolled, one shy of the then limit of 32. So that one might have some perspective on scouting in those days, an excerpt from the Boys Scouts of America history for that year states.

After the signing of the armistice, the slogan ''The War Is Over, but Our Work Is Not'' was adopted. Scouts rendered nationwide service in the influenza epidemic. The first service club sponsorship of troops was inaugurated by Rotary International. A Scout executives' training conference was held at Cranberry Lake.National standards were established for Boy Scout camps.

As part of the war effort, 1917-18, Scouts sold 2,350,977 Liberty Loan bonds, totaling $147,876,902; war savings stamps, to a value of $53,043,698. More than 300 million pieces of government literature were distributed, and services rendered included food and fuel conservation and Boy Scout war gardens.

Membership, December 31, was 418,984. Total members to date, 1,065,495. Troop records are sketchy until March 24, 1939 when we've located a registration for the Ingomar troop, now to be known as Troop 171. The Scoutmaster that year was R. E. Clowes.